Thursday, February 13, 2014

New YA Paranormal Romance Book in the Clann Series!

Pssst, Clann Series fans...we've got a new Clann Series YA paranormal romance book for you! (And here's an insider secret fact...the male model on the cover is none other than my eldest son, Hunter Darnell!)

The Clann Series #4: CAPTURE features two new characters, Tarah and Hayden, as they are caught up in the middle of chaos after the Clann is outed to the public. It's only $2.99 in digital formats (available at Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo), or you can pick it up at the Amazon discounted price of $12.56 in trade size paperback format here.

Here's the full details!

Being different means a death sentence...
A series of deadly explosions in Washington D.C. creates a nightmare for the Clann...they've been outed to the world, and the world's reaction is nothing but fear. As the Clann's powerbase crumbles in the face of the public's widespread negative reaction, caught in the middle of the exposed web of lies and secrets are high school seniors Tarah and Hayden, former childhood friends fighting a rocky past and a dangerous new attraction that defies betrayal and the secrets they are keeping from their families and each other...
Secrets that could get them imprisoned or killed...or just might result in a love that could save the world.
Available now digital and print formats at:
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