Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Glass Ballet Now Available!

Finally getting a chance today to share the news about my latest YA romance novel The Glass Ballet. It's been out since November, but between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, a crazy scary trip north to buy an RV (a story which I am sure will manage to make its way into some future novel of mine!), and prepping for Christmas, this is the first chance I've gotten to talk about it. Which is awful because if ever there was a "book of my heart" as an author, The Glass Ballet is definitely it for me...for this young adult romance, I combined my all time fave love story Jane Eyre (but set it in today's world) plus my own experiences in dealing with health issues, clinically depressed family members, and dancing while a senior in high school.

The Glass Ballet is a longer novel (app. 134,000 words in length, recommended for older YA readers ages 14+) and is now available in multiple ebook formats at the following major ebook retailers' sites:

Barnes and Noble:
Apple iBooks:


Here's the book's full description:

Mistakes from the past return to haunt them...
When an unexpected tragedy in her family sends her mother into a deep depression, 17 year old Jane Aaron is forced to run the family dance studio on her own while struggling to keep her family from falling to pieces...and keep their family’s shameful secrets hidden. The last thing she needs is a difficult new student with a grudge against the world to make her life even harder. Especially now that her health seems to be falling to pieces right along with her family.

Secrets with the power to shatter everyone they love...
Carter Fairchild thought he had it all planned out until a terrible accident leaves him handicapped and threatens his entire future. Jane is the only one who can help him recover in time. But when their feelings for each other turn into love at the worst possible moment for both of them, will they allow their past mistakes and the dangerous secrets each of them hold destroy their chance at a future together? Or will the ghosts from both their pasts have the power to shatter everything...and everyone...they care about the most?

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