Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hitting the Top 20 and Top 100 with THREE Books Today!

I released my first nonfiction book in awhile, Passive Income for Creative Minds, this week, and it must have goosed sales for all my books or something, because this morning I had not one but THREE of my books in the Top 100 on Amazon! WITHOUT any advertising whatsoever!

Passive Income hit #65 in Amazon's Crafts, Hobbies & Home category (you can click on each screenshot to see a much larger and readable version)...

Covet hit #57 in Amazon's Dance category...

And Dance with Darkness hit #20 in Amazon's Dance category!

Thank you to all the readers who bought copies of these books and pushed them up those sales rankings in order to hit so high on the lists! I feel like that cute nerdy guy on the recent commercials when he says "my selfie just got a hundred likes on Facebook! A HUNDRED!" lol

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