Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Ranking Updates & a Shout Out to Australia!

Okay, I'll confess it. I never check my books' category rankings. Not unless I'm updating my websites and have to update their distributors' book sales page links. I'm honestly just too busy writing or reading about writing or on very rare occasions trying to squeeze in a super fast read of someone else's novels (for instance, I JUST finished reading Divergent yesterday, and only because my 10K a day writing schedule for the past week caused my hands to cramp up and beg for a break!).

But my hubby checks my books' category rankings. Daily. And when one of my books hits in the top 100 of any of their categories, he makes a point of telling me about it (I think it's the cheerleading part of his master plan to motivate me to write more money so he can retire sooner someday, lol).

So thanks to him, I learned yesterday that two of my books ranked within the top 100 in their categories! If you're a reader, you probably won't care...feel free to ignore the rest of this post entirely, lol. If you're a fellow author, maybe you'll find it interesting and/or inspiring.

So without further ado...

My recently released paranormal dystopian teen romance, The Clann Series #4: Capture ranked #82 on Amazon Australia's Children's & Young Adult/Literature/Love & Romance category (screenshot below):

Also on Amazon Australia, The Glass Ballet (my latest contemporary teen romance novel) ranked #32 in Children's & Young Adult/Arts & Music/Performing Arts/Dance and #54 in Arts & Photography/Dance category (screenshot below):

And on Kobo, The Glass Ballet ranked #52 in their Nonfiction/Entertainment/Dance category (screenshot below):

Let me reiterate, Glass Ballet is a fictional novel, not nonfiction, though its highest rankings are in nonfiction dance categories. But hey, I'll take it anyway!

And a huge thank you to all my readers in Australia for putting both of these books in your top 100 of several categories!

And now I'll retreat back to my writing cave to finish my latest...a mature YA/New Adult political dystopian romance featuring (what else?) a whole lot of dance stuff, which I'm hoping to have ready for release in the next couple of weeks!

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