Friday, October 19, 2012

Covet Blog Tour: Last Day, at A Soul Unsung!

Today is the last stop of the Covet Blog Tour and your last chance to enter the Covet and Harlequin Grand Prize giveaways! Included in this blog stop at A Soul Unsung is an interview I did with Suz about writing tips and getting published, as well as questions about the Clann Series. Suz also included a rather embarassingly glowing review of the series and Covet that still has me blushing!

Check it all out and enter the giveaway here!
Harlequin Grand Prize Giveaway Package includes:
- 2 copies of Covet
- 1 copy of Speechless
- 1 copy of Alice in Zombieland
- 1 copy of Dark Kiss
- 1 copy of Beyond the Grave
- 1 large Harlequin notebook
- 1 small Harlequin notebook
- and 3 bookmarks

Thank you Suz for having me at A Soul Unsung today!

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