Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Source is Now Available

9/11's lasting debate of security vs. freedom is at the center of The Source. Set in the United States in the year 2015, a rise in strange and terrifying new human abilities pushes the U.S. towards a second Civil War, where “normal” humans are taught to fear their friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow students who might secretly be Sorcerers, an underground terroristic organization the government claims is behind a wave of attacks on Washington, D.C. However, the situation quickly turns from black and white to a very muddy gray when certain Sorcerers step forward to explain the real source of their abilities and the long running conspiracy to stop their development. As the confusion grows and the government's struggles to regain control over its citizens spreads, will the world learn to embrace the wondrous possibilities of human evolution or fight to eradicate all that is unknown and potentially threatening to us?

Caught in the middle of this war on “different” are senior high school students Hayden Shepherd, son of an ultra conservative Texas senator bent on wiping out all Sorcerer abilities, and his former childhood friend Tarah Williams, daughter of a genetics scientist. Both Hayden and Tarah hide dangerous secrets from each other and everyone else, secrets made still more explosive as the world around them divides and anyone could be a spy. When one's freedom is based on whether you are pro or anti-Sorcerer, can Hayden and Tarah's actions make a difference to help others also caught within the vortex of chaos and fear? Or will they become the latest victims of the widespread terror?

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